Commission done for Wolfie from TBT!
Thank you for participating in my art auction ヾ(´▽`)ノ

Thank you for all the reblogs and new followers!

I’ll be doing a commission giveaway on Tumblr when I hit 100 followers :D yoropiku!


Missing sakura blossoms already …

Animal Crossing 30 day drawing challenge - may be doing this sporadically because I can’t keep on schedules to save my life

  • Day 1 - Draw one of your dreamies
匿名 asked
Your art is amazing!!

Ahh, that means a lot to me ;-; Thank you kindly!

For Caffwin

Maybe I should turn this into a post card?

Avatar is free for use~ Please link back to this page or put credit to sarafi if possible. tumblr_m9c87b7h8p1qbs47q

Also if anyone knows how to fix the horrible resizing tumblr has done to these image please do let me know ;-; tumblr_ma6tcpX6ES1qid2nw

Sylveon and pokemon trainer commission

Kim Pine was dressed as a lolita once in the series, so I wanted to draw a day outfit because I knew she’d hate that even more.
Kim is actually my favorite character from the Scott Pilgrim series since I see a lot of myself in her ♡

Animal crossing commission for mayor Illyana

Requested Feebas avatar