Possible hiatus?

Huge bummer for me, but it seems that my computer is just getting too old to handle me making digital works anymore…

It’s unfortunately slowing me down majorly, and I’ll probably hit a point very soon where I wont be able to make any works with this PC digitally anymore. That means I may be forced to take a hiatus from digital art, and stick to traditional works until I can get the funds for a new rig.

Hopefully this isn’t too major of a set back and although the rig I need is expensive here in Japan (it’s way cheaper in the states which really upsets me), I’m trying my best to gather the funds slow but surely. In exchange for that, this may be an opportunity for me to experiment more with traditional works of art instead.

For anyone interested, this my current gimpy set up:

    Macbook (Bought in 2009)
    • OSX 10.5.8
    • GIMP 2.6.6
    • wacom BAMBOO (Fun) (No longer sold)
    • Microsoft cordless mouse (To compensate for the broken touch pad)
I’ve felt for awhile that my set up was holding me back from creating cleaner and more technical works, the version of GIMP I have doesn’t allow custom brushes and other features I feel are sort of hard to work around. Additionally, my tablet (which is about 5 or 6 years old) has become harder and harder to draw straight lines with. My PC overheating and GIMP crashing has def made the process a pain. Although I just try to create the best I can with what I’ve got, this has all made me realize I might just need to put my stuff on hold for awhile until I can get some proper equipment and programs I need to start fresh again.

I’m humbled to have lots of new followers, but it’s really unfortunate for me that I might have to slow down my submissions regardless of all the people who have been taking interest in my art these days. However, I do hope that I can get myself some better equipment soon and regardless of that submit some traditional experimentation works here and there to make up for the time it may take to get there.

Once again I’m sorry these are so horribly late ;-;

Here’s the first prize from my art giveaway for homumado-applepie! I hope you like it (○ノω`o)゚

I’m sorry these are coming so late ;-; I’ve been pretty busy this week.

This is for

Congrats to homumado-applepie and for winning the art slots of my first giveaway!

Thank you so much to the new followers who sparked the giveaway and everyone that took interest and participated. ^^)/ I’ll be doing another giveaway in the very near future, so keep a look out!

匿名 asked
hi hi. why is your tumblr url 'helperchan'? thanks :D

It’s an old nick name my family gave to me when I was younger. I was always trying to help out but ended up ruining the job because I was too young/inexperienced, but I always volunteered eagerly to help so they’d let me do the job anyway. Then the nickname stuck because it was cute how ironic it ended up being :p

Marcel Gijinka

This had to be drawn! It’s not a part of the 30 day challenge but Marcel is one of my favs and I really wanted to make a quickie Gijinka today.

Marcel’s name in the Japanese ver. is Monja, which is insanely adorable(‾◡◝ )

Hey, I entered your contest. I love your blog! Just an inquiry, if we win the contest, how should we submit a picture of our trainer/acnl character? Thanks.

Hey~ Thanks so much for entering! I’ll need ref of your in game trainer/or ACNL mayor, so take a screenshot on your 3DS and if you can’t get pics off your SD card for whatever reason, use this website to upload images off your 3ds using Imgur: http://www.webrender.net/imgur/

You can send me the imgur pic link via the ask box, or we can communicate via email, whatevers easiest!

Art Giveaway!

I’ve almost hit my 100 followers goal, which means I’ll be doing my first Tumblr art giveaway!
I thought it would take me a lot longer to reach my goal, but thanks to some awesome blogs I’m practically there which makes me super super happy. I never thought this many people would be following my art blog, and it’s really awesome to have people taking interest in my art, so thank you guys very kindly!

As promised here’s an art giveaway to show thanks!


  • 1st: Full body ACNL trainer/Pokemon Trainer with any Pokemon or AC villager of your request

  • 2nd: 100x100 avatar of any Pokemon or AC villager of your request


  • The ask box must be open

  • Must be able to show a reference of mayor if you’re requesting an ACNL drawing

  • 1 Reblog + 1 Like counts for two entries

Ends on:

Monday, May 12th, 12PM Japan Standard Time (GMT +9) aka Mothers day Sunday at 8pm PDT

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be doing more giveaways when I reach my next goal, so keep a look out!

Day 4 - Draw your favourite Peppy villager

'I'm Late, I'm Late for a very important date…

Ruby’s name in the Japanese ver. is Luna. I think that name is much more fitting and cute, especially because she uses the lunar wall in her house. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡